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Jillian Jensen is a 19 year old girl who auditioned for the show X-Factor and shared her story with the audience and judges! Jillian was bullied throughout middle school and high school and was nervous to stand in front of all of the people in the audience plus the folks watching at home! She connected with Demi Lovato over the issue and thanked her for all of her work with anti-bullying campaigns. Jillian, along with the judges, get teary eyed as they talk about the bullying she’s dealt with in the past. Jillian, sets her fears aside and blows away the judges and the audience as she overcomes her fear and shows off her incredible talent! Please take a minute to watch the video below, it is truly inspiring to see a teen get on stage after a rocky past and show everyone that things can get better and the best thing you can do is believe in yourself! Good for you, Jilllian! Keep being you!!




Shared Stories with the Megan Meier Foundation

The foundation receives shared stories frequently from students who wanted to thank us, have been through bullying themselves or simply want to make a difference! We find it’s important to share these with all of you as well because all victims to bullying need to know they are not alone, that it can and will get better!



My name is Marisa. And I am a freshmann in highschool. The story of Megan touched me so much, I decided to do a report on it. I want everybody to know just how bad words can hurt. I was diagnosed with manic depression and bipolar disorder when I was in the seventh grade. I wish I could of been one of Megan’s friends on myspace. I could of helped her through this. I once tried it too. I know you’ve heard this a billion times, but I’m so sorry for what happened. I hope things have gotten easier for you and your family. Love, Marisa.”



“its was the first day of 7th grade, expecting this year to be perfect: i made the cheerleading squad,had the best and coolest group of friends, and the boys all talked to me. Boy was i wrong. My “best friends” decided to just one day not like me. and if one didnt like me they all couldnt like me Because thats what bullies do. i was cyber bullied over myspace thats were it all started. i deleted that. After decided to keep my facebook it happened there. mean nasty hateful comments,posts,etc for all the world to see. it torn me apart those girls abused me mentally. i was very deeply depressed and had thoughts of suicide filled my head. but what would that leave me with. no justice for me. sadness and guilt for my family.something in my head told me no. Today im stronger and i would like to continue my dream as being a public speaker and a school guidance consular and continue the fight for the victims of bullying. RIP<3 and for the rest stay strong<3 somebody loves you,believe me.”


“My son Dax is a recent survivor of cyber bullying which had a violent outcome. Unlike the stories of self-harm, Dax was a victim of an assault which almost killed him. Dax was approaced by his cyber bully at the local mall and was severely beaten within inches of his life by Jacob E. an 18 yr old who supposedly had a friends back taking revenge or as I like to call him a hired hitman for helping his friend take revenge for a jilted relationship. Unfortunately I like many others tried to turn to my son’s school and the liason officer when Dax first received the threat message over Facebook and was turned away by the sorry our hands are tied there is nothing we can do unless your son is touched..Well after several back and forth messages between Jake and my son over a period of two months, Jake did touch my son. A 3 cm crack to Dax’s skull from the final kick ruptured an artery in the brain causing so much swelling and bleeding the brain stem almost snapped which would have resulted in instant death. Dax is one of the lucky ones he survived a traumatic brain injury but will forever be changed by the impact of a cyber bully! It has changed my small family ( me, my husband, my son) in so many ways but is also pushing us to get involved so that at least here in Maine we can take a stand against cyber bullying and hopefully educate enough people to change the laws and prevent similar heartaches so that there is a place to turn before that final kick finds another victim. We would be so pleased to work with the Megan Meier Foundation to spread the message to stop cyber bullying. Thank You”


The staff of the Megan Meier Foundation wants to send out our prayers to the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma. Our hearts and thoughts are with them. Please take the time to think of ways that you can help them! Remember, small acts of kindness can make big impacts!


Natural disasters leave their devastating mark and it’s up to us to help those who fell victim. Please keep Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers.

8th grade student making a difference!

Jessie Goldberg did a term paper/project on cyber-bullying, which is taking on a life of its own. Jessie is 8th grade at Parkway Central Middle. She wanted to get the word out about stopping cyber-bullying to other kids. She will be speaking with the 5th grade at Shenandoah Valley Elementary (her local elementary school) as well as participate in the Chesterfield Earth Day festivities April 27th…Jessie presented at Shenandoah Valley Elementary. She presented to the entire 5th grade all at once! 72 kids and 4 teachers!!! She was so amazing!!!! Also, a friend of Jessie’s invited Jessie to hear Tina speak last Wednesday night in Dardenne Prairie so we went (we had to leave early for dance class). We were both just blown away by Tina. What an amazing speaker she is. My heart just broke listening to her and I really wanted to meet her, but she looked busy before hand and then we had to leave. Please please tell her Jessie and I were both so happy we went.”


Students like Jessie are going to make the change! Thank you Jessie for spreading the word on the dangers of bullying and cyber-bullying!!

What’s new for the Megan Meier Foundation!?

1. New home! The Megan Meier has recently been searching for a new home and we have FOUND one. We are in the process of moving to a new office in the St. Charles area. We only hope the expansion of the size of our office will reflect in the growth of our foundation!


2. We are currently in two different contests for a chance to receive funding! Please support the Megan Meier Foundation in both of these wonderful opportunities


Ginger Bay Salon and Spa SpaTacular!: The Ginger Bay Salon and Spa will be holding a benefit and all of the proceeds will be donated to the winning organization. Please click the link below and “like” the Megan Meier Foundation ribbon to support us in winning this contest! If you “like” the logo you will be entered to win a Megan Meier Foundation T-Shirt (drawing will be Monday 5/20) if you “share” the logo you will be entered to win a Megan Meier Foundation blanket and water bottle! (Drawing will be Friday 5/24) We would appreciate your support!



Growing St. Louis $20,000 grant! Monsanto is gifting a $20,000 grant to the foundation with the most votes. For this contest, you will click the link below, “like” the Grow St. Louis page first and then vote for Megan Meier Foundation! You can vote once a day, every day! Thanks for all your support!


“Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

What does the Megan Meier Foundation do?

The Megan Meier Foundation hopes to inspire children, educators and parents to stop bullying. Here, we believe that the change is up to the people and is something we can accomplish! Some of the ways we do this include:


  • Speaking presentations done by Tina Meier. She travels around the country speaking to K-12 schools, Administrators/Educators, College campuses, School Resource Officers, Parents, Counselors, Communities, & Professional Organizations.
  • Leadership workshops for middle school and high school students! The objective of the workshops is to bring awareness to bullying and cyberbullying and to provide simple principles that will allow participants to be leaders against threats. Students participate in small group activities and are given the tools necessary to create a campaign to make a difference within their school.
  • A “Teen Voices” program which is a focus group that utilized teen minds to improve and maintain the effectiveness of the Foundation as a whole. It allows the students to represent their peers and voice the challenges they face, popular fads they see and thoughts they have to better their community regarding bullying and cyberbullying.
  • Celebration for Change, which is a banquet that includes an award ceremony, scholarships, silent auctions, and much more.
  • Annual Golf Tournament: golfing, food and fun to celebrate Megan!

The Megan Meier Foundation is always coming up with new ideas and activities to spread the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying!


Megan Meier Foundation joins the world of blogging!

Megan Meier Foundation joins the world of blogging!

The Megan Meier Foundation’s mission is to “Create awareness, education and promote positive change to children, parents and educators in response to the ongoing bullying and cyberbullying in our children’s daily environment.”


Please visit our website for more information and keep reading our blog on updates from the foundation!


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