Good Luck Scheron!


We love seeing different communities support the platform of anti bullying on all levels!

Support Scheron Courson, Mrs.St. Louis Plus America in her journey for the crown who is competing in honor of her daughter!

Dear Potential Supports,
Hi my name is Scheron Courson (Mrs.St. Louis Plus America). I am a working mother of three great children and currently graduating Saturday from Fontbonne University. Outside of school and work I am currently active in my community talking to other parents to help them notice warning signs if there child is being bullied. My daughter was a victim of being bully last year  and also was shot and almost lost her life because of bullying, and I hope if I win the Miss Missouri Plus America Pageant May 30 that will open up a lot of doors for me to advocate to youth and their parents to understand the life you save may very well be your own and don’t just look away reach out and help.
To learn more about Scheron and her journey, visit Miss Missouri Plus Pageant

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