Join us for the biggest fundraising event in St. Louis!

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The second annual Give STL Day will take place on Tuesday, May 5. The 24-hour online giving event is a whole day dedicated to helping local nonprofits continue to make a difference in the lives of those in their respective communities.

Last year, more than $1.1 million in 13,000 individual gifts for 528 local organizations was raised, according to the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation (who sponsors the event). This year, roughly 790 local nonprofits have registered to take part in the festivities.

Here at the Megan Meier Foundation, we are thrilled to be part of such an incredible event where we have the opportunity to share our mission to Promote Awareness, Education, and Positive Change in Response to the Issues Surrounding Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Suicide, and impact those in the Greater St. Louis area.

Aside from promoting awareness for the Megan Meier Foundation, we are participating in Give STL Day with the hopes of raising some, if not all, of our fundraising goals for a new Resource Center, which we plan to open to the public by Megan Meier Day on October 17, 2015.

The ‘Megan Meier Foundation’s Resource Center’ has been in the works for the past year or so. We decided that we have enough need and demand that an investment in expanding our office will be beneficial on many levels; primarily to fit the need and growth of the individuals who are coming to the Megan Meier Foundation for resources and direction in times of vulnerability and struggle. The Megan Meier Foundation’s Resource Center will consist of multiple rooms including a small staff office, group activity area that will double as a conference room, therapeutic art room, computer lab, and counselors office; all of which you can find descriptions of on our website.

In the long term, the Resource Center is going to allow us to accommodate our growth as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Right now with our 700 square foot office space, 3 full-time employees, 1 part-time employee, and 4+ interns we carry throughout the year, we not only face issues on space for our staff, but also don’t have the space to bring in our team leaders for workshop education training, expand our focus groups, or hold board meetings. By being able to expand out current office space, we will be able to better manage and expand our programming, which will allow us to open other chapters across the country.

As a team, we have estimated that the expenses to finish the Resource Center will cost roughly $13,000. In addition to office materials needed, we have also included the cost of flooring, ceiling, wall coverings/paint, etc. in our set goal price.

To participate, visit our Give STL Day page on May 5 (starting at 12:00 AM CDT) and select the St. Charles County, where you will see a link to the Megan Meier Foundation’s page.  You may also visit our official website ( to learn more about Give STL Day, our team, and our plans for the future.

The Megan Meier Foundation would like to kindly thank you for taking the time to learn more about our big day coming up. We are hoping that our participation in Give STL Day will open the doors to our new Resource Center in October and in turn, reward our great community for their generosity by making a difference each and every day.

Remember to save the date and mark your calendars for this day of giving!

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We want to be clear that every donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small that may be. The Megan Meier Foundation is grateful and genuinely thankful for all of our supporters not only in the Greater St. Louis area, but those affiliated with us around the country as well.


Powerful Suicide Video Goes Viral Through Social Media

What would you do if you were aware of an individual who was contemplating suicide? Would you know what to say? How to react? Would you call the police or a help hotline?

This is a situation that most of us would never even consider as we go about our daily lives. However, things can dramatically change in a matter of seconds, many times randomly by chance.

It’s important to consider such a possibility because you could literally hold someone’s fate in your hands. In the video below, two young men called a cab service and installed a camera in the back window when they entered the vehicle.

During the drive, each man would open up to the driver about how poorly not only their day was going, but their life as a whole. Getting laid off/fired from their job was the focal point of each conversation, with one man then discussing how it has negatively impacted the relationship with his girlfriend and the other with his kids.

Both men ask the driver to pull over at a bridge because they feel as though they have nothing to live for anymore and want to just end it all. The drivers – who are complete strangers – are noticeably sickened by such a possibility and do everything in their power to prevent such a tragedy from happening.

Thankfully, of course, the suicide was never truly going to take place but the feelings and emotion were real. The drivers had no idea that this was just an experiment and one of the men refused to even tell him because he was so visibly shaken in the moment.

What a video like this does is shows us how caring and compassionate most of the people (even strangers) in the world truly are.  If someone you’ve only known for a few minutes would care so much about your well-being, imagine how your friends, family and other loved ones would react if they knew.

It’s unfortunate that the majority of news we are exposed to in today’s society is negative but more exposure to uplifting examples such as this can help us think differently about the world we live in.

There is one death by suicide in the world every forty seconds. By simply educating ourselves and raising awareness for others, we can make a difference.

‘Unfriended’ Preview: A Horror Film Through Skype

You may remember, a few weeks ago we had a blog post that previewed an upcoming film A Girl Like Her. The film, one that resembles a real-life documentary depicting the problems society has with bullying in our school systems, was aimed to grab the attention of teenagers and their parents around the country.

Today, we would like to take the time to introduce you to another upcoming film Unfriended, which will release on April 17. The basic premise of this film has a high school student (Laura) committing suicide after receiving constant ridicule over an embarrassing video that was captured of her at a party. There was a group of students who were especially cruel to Laura and not surprisingly, the biggest factor in this treatment of Laura was their jealously towards her.

Like many teenagers growing up in today’s society, these students communicated daily through the use of social media and Skype video chat. One night the video chat is abruptly interrupted by a mysterious caller who aims to take digital revenge at the students who caused so much pain to a student that eventually took her own life.

Unfriended shows us the hidden ugly truth of what really goes in in the lives of teenagers in this generation. Bullying/cyberbullying is something that has become a huge issue around the world in the last 10-15 years.

Films like this are important because they force us to step out of our comfort zone and recognize the real consequences that can result when teenagers engage in bullying activity. There is nothing more sad than learning how a child’s life was destroyed at no fault of their own…. after it’s too late.

Early reviews suggest it is well worth your time to make the trip to see the film but only if you are prepared for what you are going to see. Calum Marsh from Slant Magazine explains:

 “Horror fans, broadly speaking, have come to regard conspicuous gimmicks and ostentatious high concepts with skepticism over the years, as filmmakers—and, more often still, shrewd producers—have exhausted every novelty of form or structure in a bid to seize on the latest trend. So it’s with due caution that one approaches Levan Gabriadze’s Unfriended, which is billed as “told in real-time, entirely from a teenaged girl’s computer screen.” A faintly desperate variation on the increasingly tired found-footage trend hardly sounds appealing. And yet, remarkably, the framing device proves thoughtful, even rather elegant—an appropriate vehicle for a work of intelligence and wit.”

The fact that two films (A Girl Like Her and Unfriended) that had a similar message (raising awareness on bullying) were released within a few weeks of each other is not by coincidence. Slowly but surly, the world is beginning to understand how dangerous of an issue this has been for some time now and how crucial it is to do something about it.

With your help, we can make a difference. Help end the fight against bullying. Join the conversation using the hashtag #StopBullying and #BeTheChange.

WWE’s Anti-Bullying Be a STAR Program Raising Awareness Around the World

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For years now, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has been one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. The company, which focuses primarily on professional wrestling, attracts about 36 million viewers in more than 150 countries each year.

Once a highly dominant adult male target audience, the WWE has grown into a company that is beloved by males and females, children and adults of all ages, race, religion and ethnicity.

WWE Superstars and Divas have become such a prominent figure to fans all around the world. They are viewed as not only heroes, but role models in the eyes of our youngest generation.

The WWE has been widely recognized for their incredible efforts in the Make-A-Wish Foundation movement over the last decade. More recently, the company has started a campaign against bullying that is making just as strong of an impact.

Be a STAR (Show Tolerance And Respect) was founded by the The Creative Coalition and the WWE in April 2011. The mission of the program is as follows:

“To ensure a positive and equitable social environment for everyone regardless of ace, race, religion or sexual orientation through grassroots efforts beginning with education and awareness. Be a STAR promotes positive methods of social interaction and encourages people to treat others as equals and with respect because everyone is a star in their own right.”

As we are well aware, the issue of bullying in our society is one that has become more and more of a problem with each passing year. The biggest challenge we face is showing the youth that they are not alone and do have someone to turn to in times of need. The WWE is making it a priority to raise awareness and doing a great job of it.

The National Education Association Health Information Network (NEA HIN) and STOMP Out Bullying are just two of 58 current alliance members that are all partnering together to take action against bullying. As more and more organizations continue to see the success these members are having, you should expect this number to rise in the future.

According to the Be a STAR website, over 30,000 people from all 50 states and 91 international countries have taken the pledge to end bullying through WWE’s Be a STAR program.

You may be wondering, how does the WWE go about spreading the word about the program? Not surprisingly, the faces of the company (WWE Superstars and Divas) are in charge of those efforts. Every month various members from the roster will visit public schools or community centers to speak wit students about bullying. The impact they make cannot be taken lightly, as those who go to speak often share their own personal stories and struggles with bullying in their lives.

This past weekend, the WWE held WrestleMania (considered the Super Bowl of sports entertainment) at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. A stadium record 76,976 people helped make WrestleMania 31 the most profitable event in WWE history at $12.6 million.

What the typical person doesn’t realize is that WrestleMania is a week-long event, not just the live pay-per-view that takes place on Sunday night. The company does everything it can to give back to the community and society as a whole while the lights are the brightest for the exciting week.

This year, the Be a STAR program visited Joseph George Middle School in San Jose, California on the Thursday (March 26) leading up to WrestleMania. Led by Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, the WWE spoke to over 300 students and delivered anti-bullying messages to help raise awareness.

You can learn more about the Be a STAR program by joining the conversation using the hashtag #BeaStar.