A Girl Like Her: Based On A Million True Stories

Written By: Ryan Smith, Megan Meier Foundation Intern

We have officially closed the door on winter and are now looking forward to the spring and summer seasons. What this means (besides the obvious weather improvements) is the movie theater industry will be booming yet again.

If you’re looking to go see a movie tonight, I suggest you check out A Girl Like Her (originally called The Bully Chronicles), which is set to release March 27.

The film, shot and written by Detroit filmmaker Amy S. Weber, resembles a real-life documentary of something that happens on a daily basis at every high school around the country… bullying.

The movie’s plot is focused on the life of high school sophomore Jessica. Constantly the victim of bullying from a classmate named Avery, Jessica’s friend Brian encourages her to wear a spy camera all day, every day. By doing this, there is video proof each time Jessica is harassed and/or threatened in any manner.

A Girl Like Her shows the ugly truth of what really goes on inside our school systems, and one that society tends to shy away from and not take seriously. It depicts how blind fellow students, parents, teachers, and administrators can be since they are rarely exposed to such conflicts first-hand.

In their review of A Girl Like Her, The Star Telegram states that the film could be subtitled “Anatomy of an Attempted Teen Suicide.” Such a title would surely make more of an impact on the average person considering seeing the film but regardless, the message is clear.

It is important for both teenagers and their parents to see this film for a couple of reasons. First and most importantly, this is the world we live in. Bullying has always been a problem in our school systems. With the technological advances that have been made over the years, this problem has only worsened. Once we are more aware of the problem that is surrounding us, we can then take the next step to do something about it and prevent in the future. Do you really want your children growing up like this?


You can learn more about filmmaker Amy S. Weber and the film A Girl Like Her by clicking here and reading the Detroit Free Press’ in-depth review.

If you or someone you know are struggling with bullying and/or suicide, know that you are not alone.

Reach out for help 24/7 at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1 (800) 273-8255  or

contact our office at info@meganmeierfoundation.org

Help end the fight against bullying. Join the conversation using the hashtag #StopBullying and #BeTheChange.


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