10 Things You Should Do This Spring!

Yay it’s the first day of Spring!! Time for warm weather, being outside, and taking adventures!

In a collaborative effort, our Intern, Ryan, and Social Media Coordinator, Evyn, have compiled a list of 10 things you should take advantage of and try this Spring, shifting focus from a negative (and long) winter and making Spring the best yet for our friends from coast to coast!

  1. Visit a State Park. The best way to welcome the warm weather is to get active and get outside! Try shifting a negative mind-set from a bad day, and gather some friends or family and head over to your favorite park for hiking, running, or just playing catch! No better way to release stress, and it can make for some pretty cool pictures too! Check out a list of our local state parks in Missouri here!

    Spring Blog 1
    WaterFire. Providence, Rhode Island. Ryan Smith
  2. Attend a WaterFire. First created in 1994, WaterFire in downtown Providence, Rhode Island has grown into a huge tourist attraction across the East Coast over the years. 40,000 people (on average) from all across the world attend this heavily volunteer-dependent non-profit organization on a nightly basis.
  3. Grab some groceries at the Farmer’s Market. Skip the long lines and crowded isles at your local grocery store and see what you can find at your local farmers market! Bring some friends with you and enjoy the afternoon making a farm fresh dinner. To see what we love to cook, click here!
  4. Visit a Theme Park. There is nothing quite like the thrill of riding a roller coaster nearing 100 MPH or experiencing the river rapids with a group of your closest friends. For the less adventurous individuals, theme parks such as Six Flags still offer plenty of less-freighting-but-still-fun options for visitors!
  5. Host a Bonfire. Nothing better than warm days and cool nights! Gather your friends and hang up the phones for some s’mores and hot dogs and reconnect around the fire!

    Freedom Tower. New York City, New York. Ryan Smith.
    Freedom Tower. New York City, New York. Ryan Smith.
  6. Visit a Historic Landmark. It is always interesting to learn about historic landmarks all around the world. If you ever have the opportunity to visit one in person, chances are you’ll be in an awestruck state of mind. Pictured left is Ryan’s first-hand view of the Freedom Tower in New York City (the fourth-tallest building in the world!).
  7. Pack a Picnic. Take those left overs from your BBQ and head over to your favorite grassy spot (even if it’s the backyard) and enjoy the day soaking up the warm sunshine! Pack a favorite book or magazine and get ready for the perfect afternoon of relaxation.
  8. Spring Blog 3
    Busch Stadium. Saint Louis, Missouri. Ryan Smith.

    Attend a Baseball Game. There is arguably no better way to kick off the start of spring than to get outside for a baseball game. Widely known as America’s Pastime, baseball continues to be the ideal spot to bring the family on a warm weekend afternoon or a cooler but still comfortable weekday night, especially in Saint Louis! Go Cards!

  9. See what you can find at the Flea Market. You’d be surprised at what you can gather (for cheap!) at your local flea market! Wake up a little earlier and see what you can find at your local Flea Market or garage sales! Strange finds and a creative mindset can make for a great day of crafting!  For some DIY inspiration, click here!
  10. Double Rainbow. Ryan Smith.
    Double Rainbow. Ryan Smith.

    And Last but not Least, Take a Second to Appreciate the Little Things in Life. After a long and brutal winter that many of us have experienced, it is easy to overlook the true beauty that nature does provide us from time to time! We all live stressful and demanding lives where we are always on the go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the little things! Whether it’s a double rainbow during rush hour, or having dinner with your family after a long day, it truly is the littlest things that make a difference.

Tell us what you’re looking forward to most about the Spring season!

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