Congratulations to Grand Center Arts Academy!


We want to congratulate Grand Center Arts Academy for being the first to complete our Leadership Workshop Follow Up for their Megan’s Voice Action Plan!

Megan’s Voice Action Plan is a step by step program we have each school participating in our Leadership Workshop complete to be able to expand on their thoughts and knowledge that they’ve gathered and take those ideas back to end bullying and cyberbullying in their schools through various campaigns and movements.

Grand Center Arts Academy put together a Spirit Week called “No Voice is Too Small” to promote a more accepting environment in their school. The week consisted of:

  • Meet Me and Mirrorless Monday
    • Students covered the mirrors in school bathrooms with positive messages written in window paint, passed around sticky notes with positive messages from student to student, and expanded on their Big and Little mentoring system with the Middle School.
  • Two Shoe Tuesday
    • Students wore two different shoes to school, had a shoe donation, and “Walked a Mile in My Shoes” event during learning lab and arts period.
  • Once Upon A Time Wednesday
    • Students wrote poems and stories about their tales of bullying, presented speeches in their cafeteria, and dressed up like Fairy Tale characters.
  • Thumbs Up Thursday
    • Students signed a pledge against bullying during lunch with their thumb print. The banner was presented in an assembly on Friday and hung in the school hallway.
  • Culminating Activities
    • An all student assembly including Spoken Word, The Bully Plays presented by SLU and Acts Faction, and a film completed by Daniel Schmidt and Antonio Mosely.

Through Grand Center’s Spirit Week, they were able to pull this entire week off with the help of 20 students, and able to impact 630 students (grades 6-11) and 65 educators!  They also said that participating in this Spirit Week “allowed students to share their stories through the Arts! Student got to feel ownership of creating a safer and bully free school.”

We are so happy to see that this group of such talented students were able to make such a huge impact in their schools and proud to be awarding them with a custom banner to display in their school!


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